Electrospinning Gun Protects Wounds with Nanofiber Mesh

By April 1, 2019July 4th, 2020No Comments

An Israeli company called Nanomedic has begun showing off its impressive device for applying an electrospun material to the surface of wounds. Electrospinning involves using electricity to produce extremely fine polymer threads. This technology is almost always used during manufacturing.

The SpinCare product is the first portable electrospinning device and it can lay down a thin bed of nano-scale fibers over the entire surface of a wound. The material protects the wound while working as a medium, mimicking the extra cellular matrix, within which healing can take place and cells proliferate.

The fibers themselves can be infused with drugs such as antibiotics, as well as antibacterial compounds, collagen, silicon, and other substances that may help a wound.

When it needs changing or when a wound is healed, the material simply peels off, kind of like dried school glue, from the skin.

So far only a few people have been treated with this product, but their experiences are already very promising. The device is slated to be available in Europe soon, but no word on when the FDA will approve its use in the United States.

For more information about the Spincare device, see here.


Source: Medgadget