New Webinar: How I use Spincare in my practice? - Meet European Experts

Join us Wednesday 14th July @ 17:00 pm Central European Time (CET)

Introducing a new medical device into clinical practice is not easy as more than often, protocols and accepted practices need to be changed. The Spincare Wound Care System is no different as it is a paradigm shift not only in the way that a product is used but also in the way that wounds are managed. This webinar will delve into these issues with three leading European medical key opinion leaders who will discuss their own personal journey with Spincare. They will discuss their experiences of introducing the Spincare and will show and discuss interesting cases.


  • Opening comments by Prof. Plock
  • Video of Spincare
  • Discussion by Dr. Sander
  • Discussion by Dr. Schulz
  • Discussion by Dr. Kim
  • Round table discussion
  • Q&A (Please send before the webinar or during the webinar to [email protected])