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[Mashable] Israeli firm’s gun heals wounds! sprays nano-fiber on burns to create new skin

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Deploying technology into medical science has not only accelerated development of vaccines, but has also transformed simpler procedures. Putting a bandage on burns and wounds while they heal has been the standard practice for too long, and it has also been a time consuming one.

But the search for an alternative to protective cover that restricts a patient’s movement has received a shot in the arm with innovations like 4D bio-printing and nano tech. An Israel-based firm has created a quick and comfortable method for healing wounds, by creating a gun which sprays nano-fibers on the burnt area, to create a skin-like layer that protects the part while it heals.

The tiny fiber attaches itself to the wound seamlessly and is so flexible that individuals don’t need to worry about damaging it while they go about their day-to-day activities. The web spun over the affected part is also translucent, so doctors can examine the progress of the healing process simply by looking at the wound through it.

Apart from cutting out the trouble of replacing the bandage and letting the skin breathe, the spray-on fiber’s water resistant nature also allows patients to take a shower without worrying about the bandage.

The technology has been around for a while but Nanomedic simply rolled it into a gun that does the job more precisely and is convenient to use. The product called Spincare is being used for treating facial injuries and also to help diabetic patients plagued by foot sores.

For the region, this innovation takes its place among medical tech breakthroughs like 4D bio-printing, which has been launched by UAE’s health ministry. The 4D skin grafts used at Sharjah’s Al Qassimi hospital, have been able to heal wounds in a matter of weeks instead of six months.

While 4D printing is a more nuanced procedure, a skin spay is more likely to replace traditional, messy bandages in your first aid kit.