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[PRWire] Nanomedic Taps Mark Darty for CEO Role, Opens U.S. Headquarters, As Company Accelerates Global Expansion

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As Spincare Wound Care System Readies for Regulatory Clearance, Company Adds Device Exec with 30 Years of Experience Commercializing Disruptive Technologies; Dr. Chen Barak Elevated to Company President

Nanomedic Technologies, a leader in Electrospinning EHF™ technology for wound healing and skin regeneration, today announced a significant expansion of its global presence, as well as signaling it is nearing commercialization in the United States, with the introduction of Mark Darty as its new CEO. The company also incorporated a subsidiary in the U.S. and launched its headquarters in Memphis, Tenn.

Dr. Chen Barak, who had served as CEO previously, has been promoted to company President, and will continue to lead company operations, and research/product development.

“As Nanomedic approaches global commercialization, we are poised to expand aggressively around the world, with the United States as our primary hub,” said Nanomedic Chairman Chen Katz. “Chen Barak has masterfully taken the company to this point, and I have great confidence in Mark taking the company forward as our CEO. Spincare is well-positioned to advance wound care, and Mark’s strong track record for bringing disruptive innovations to market will serve us well. More importantly, it will accelerate the worldwide adoption of our Spincare System”

Darty was most recently founder and CEO of HyperMed, a medical device company focused on hyperspectral medical imaging for wound care applications. Prior to HyperMed, he held executive roles within other medical device startups and leading corporations, including Luminetx, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Brother International.

“As we gear up to introduce the Spincare wound care system to the U.S. market, it was crucial we establish ourselves in all the major health hubs, of which the Greater Memphis region is one. Its growing reputation as a hub for bioscience and medical innovation suits Nanomedic perfectly,” said Darty. “The Spincare System represents an innovative portable, handheld solution capable of printing in real time a matrix ‎directly onto a wound and we are excited to establish a U.S. based presence as we seek to improve delivery of care.”

Memphis is home to a growing life sciences industry, backed by a collection of world-class research assets. According to the Greater Memphis Chamber, the region is home to approximately 50 medical device companies and over 16,800 individuals employed in medical innovation and device manufacturing, making it the ideal U.S. headquarters location for Nanomedic.

Nanomedic’s handheld Spincare System enables on-the-spot management of wounds and burns based on its proprietary EHF technology, through real-time printing of a matrix directly onto a wound. Spincare addresses complicated wounds without the need for frequent and painful re-dressings. Nanomedic’s matrix provides a transparent protective physical barrier, allowing for easy monitoring of the healing process while reducing risk of infection. The unique matrix bio-mimics the structure of the human extracellular matrix. Nanomedic plans to pursue further enhancement with a variety of additives for a wide range of complex clinical applications.