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[PRWire] New Peer-Reviewed Clinical Study Demonstrates Promising Results for Treatment of Partial Thickness Wounds with Nanomedic’s Spincare System

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Clinical Study Evaluates Efficacy and Potential Use of Nanomedic’s Electrospun Healing Fibers (EHF™) for Wounds and Burns

 Nanomedic Technologies, a leader in Electrospun Healing Fiber (EHF™) technology for wound healing and skin regeneration, today announced the results of a new peer-reviewed study, showing promising results in the use of its Spincare System for the treatment of superficial to partial thickness wounds and burns.   

The single-center prospective observational trial, published in Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters, the official publication of the Euro-Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters and the European Burns Association, revealed that the Spincare polymer nanofibrous dressing (PND) allows for a maximum range of motion, is suitable for covering all wound types and attaches well on to wound surfaces throughout the entire healing period.

“As electrospinning technology has recently gained increased attention, we were eager to explore the potential use of the new Spincare System for treating a range of burns and wounds,” said principal author Dr. Alexandra Schulz, who performed the study at the Cologne-Merheim Medical Center in Germany. “We found the system easy to use and were pleased to see that the nanofibrous layer is suitable for multiple cases, including following enzymatic debridement in burn wounds, yielding promising results for the treatment of superficial to partial thickness wounds.”

The four-month clinical study evaluated treatment results from 10 patients between 19 and 76 years of age. Subjects treated suffered from superficial to partial thickness wounds including split-thickness donor sites burns. Treatment was evaluated, including procedures, place of injury, treatment times, and ease of use. Researchers quickly mastered handling the Spincare System, and the PND was applied between the day of injury and up to 21 days post injury. No adverse events or signs of infection were found in any cases treated. Overall conclusions found the Spincare PND to be a patient friendly, customized temporary epidermal layer for treatment of superficial to partial thickness wounds including burns.

“We are encouraged by these study results evaluating Spincare’s ease of use and efficacy on human donor sites and burn wounds,” said Dr. Chen Barak, Chief Executive Officer of Nanomedic. “Our solution provides an easy one-time application for improved treatment of wounds, while allowing patients to quickly return to active life, with improved mobility and excellent healing and scarring. We are pleased that the Cologne-Merheim Medical Center has tested our device and are working on additional clinical studies with medical facilities across the globe.”

Next steps of the evaluation will be presented in a few months and will include treatment of superficial to partial thickness burns with PND on a larger scale, with emphasis placed on healing time and long-term scarring.