Portable Electrospinning

Nanomedic’s unique approach to clinical needs such as the wound care space, led to the development of the first and only worldwide commercialized portable electrospinning device.

The Spincare Wound Care System, is the only system that integrates electrospinning technology into a portable device, offering immediate wound care treatment, creating a fully personalized single application customized nano-fibrous transient skin-like layer. Importantly, this portable technology enhances the inherent characteristics of the electrospun nanofibers, mimicking the structure of the body tissue, providing an excellent medium for tissue integration and regeneration, and facilitating the body healing process. Electrospinning is a unique technique that uses electrostatic forces to produce nano-diameter, non-woven fibers that incorporate very fine pore sizes with high surface area, making them an ideal solution for delivering wound healing therapies to any surface of the body.

A human hair relative to nanofibers
A human hair relative to nanofibers

Research & Technology

Research, both clinical and technological, is the heart and soul of Nanomedic Technologies. Our team is actively involved in technological research and clinical trials at various European and Israeli hospitals. Our research is focused on developing our proprietary portable electrospinning technology that is suitable for treating many types of wounds.

From a scientific perspective, we focus on burns, chronic, and dermatological wounds in all their forms and together with our research teams, physicians, and KOL’s, push the envelope to ‎shift the accepted paradigm in wound care.

Spincare Technology: A platform for a wide range of uses

The electrospun matrix is an excellent ‎platform for drug delivery and slow release of materials and drugs into wounds and skin lesions, ‎expanding the potential of the technology for additional significant markets such as aesthetics ‎esthetics and cosmetics. The unique structure of the printed Spincare matrix will, in the future, contain a variety of additives from ‎antibacterial, collagen and adhesive materials to embedded human cells, treating the most severe ‎and complicated wounds.

This project was sponsored by the European Commission H2020 SME grant 671970