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[TweakTown] This Spider-Man bandage gun sprays onto wound, heals with nanofibers

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Uh, I can’t believe I’m writing this — but here we are just five days into 2021 and we have something from the future released in a portable Spider-Man style bandage gun that sprays a web onto you, healing you with nanofibers.

Nanomedic Technologies is behind the new Spincare Wound Care System, which is a portable, battery-powered system that has its chamber loaded with the future tech, and shot out of it in a spider-style web that covers wounds and uses nanofibers to super-charge skin regeneration. Incredible stuff.

Chen Barak, CEO of Nanomedic explains: “The Spincare introduces an innovative treatment option into the advanced wound care arena. with inherent characteristics and advantages that outperform any and all traditional wound care methodologies, fit a vast spectrum of wounds and injuries, and allows the patients to live while they heal”.

How does it heal you? What are these spider-style webs? The gun isn’t exactly shooting out spider webs, but spider-style webs that VP of Marketing & Sales at Nanomedic, Gary Sagiv, explains are “polymeric electrospun ‎healing fibers”. Digital Trends explains that “Electrospinning, which creates nanofibers using electricity, has been deployed in the medical field for years. However, this device is reportedly a whole lot smaller and more portable than previous solutions”.

“We believe in a very focused rollout, with a hand-in-hand on-site approach. Despite COVID-19, we started our rollout in the summer of 2020, and are available now in 11 European countries and Israel. We will be starting in India this quarter, and in the U.S.A. in the third quarter. The response from the physicians who have used it has been excellent, and the global demand has been overwhelming”.

This is an incredible technology as it would do away with the need for traditional bandages, and the use of staples and glue near and around the wound.